I’m Mary, Apothecary Mary.

I’m what I like to call the Everyday Herbalist. I use herbs everyday at home.

I believe with a wild passion that there is a natural solution to every problem and most of those answers include herbs, books or nature.

As a young girl, I loved making concoctions in the kitchen (and out). The urge to create was boundless. In fact, being creative, exploring the outdoors and reading were my three  main interests. Reading fantasy and historical fiction intrigued me. I particularly loved stories of healing whether of a romantic nature or on a spiritual level. That plants could have healing properties rooted itself deep within me. It combined with my love of adventuring on the different wild acres my family occupied.

My family loves food. Planning, preparing and gathering over a great meal has always been a way we connected. That daily tradition has carried over into my own family. Being a wife and mom has provided me many opportunities to learn and I have found incorporating herbs promotes overall wellness. Herbs improve taste while also being full of antioxidants and other nutrients often missing in our diet.
Capturing light and color in still moments of time met my love of food and I began exploring food photography in my last blog. I will continue that grand adventure here. All images, unless otherwise noted, are created by me. Let’s explore the beauty of herbs and words!
About my site:
I have a desire to help others find creative solutions to life’s problems and I have found many solutions in herbs, wild edibles and a nourished soul.¬†That’s truly what I want to share – nourishment. I want you, my Sweet reader, to walk away with a nourished body, mind and soul.