Mom, You are a Lightship

Mom, You are a Lightship

Mom, You are a Lightship.

This post is for the moms who have heard the lie that they are insignificant and what they do doesn’t matter. You do matter and you light the way for your children. As a mom, your work is important.

We read Lightship on a day where I was overwhelmed with the mess of mothering and couldn’t see how what I did mattered. It was a hard day. We were in the thick of grumpy attitudes, our moods messier than the dishes piling in the sink. The seas were stormy and I had gone overboard.

I immediately recognized myself in the picture book I read to my son. Tears welled up as I read aloud:

“She does not sail from port to port.
She does not carry passengers or mail or packages.
She holds to one sure spot as other ships sail by.
She waits.”

Lightship by Brian Floca

I was that Lightship. But instead of waiting with anticipation, I was waiting with frustration. Anyone else?

I once heard a speaker, a man quite famous in the world of quilting, state that his mother was a “frustrated artist.” He said it in a way that gave the feeling she wasn’t happy, wasn’t happy in her motherhood. I was taken aback when I heard this. I didn’t and don’t want my children to view me as a frustrated artist. I don’t want them to think that I am frustrated because I am their mother. I started to realize that their history is my present.

As a mom, I have the greatest privilege: to be a mom!

To care for, to nurture, to love, to set up the next generation.

A lightship was a lighthouse at sea. It guided other ships; their beacon light helped other ships navigate and a horn warned mariners in the fog. A lightship was also called a light vessel – I love that thought. Moms, we are a vessel! It is not us but God in us.

And when you are feeling stagnant or frustrated, remember the Lightship:
“Then other ships sail safely,
Because the lightship marks the way
Through fog and night,
Past rocks and shoals,
Past reefs and wrecks,
Past danger.
Other ships sail home safely… because the lightship holds her place.”

Lightship by Brian Floca

Moms, we light the way for our children. We can hold our place, our one sure spot and shine!


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