Chocolate Covered Nature’s Candy + Winterwoods Tea Giveaway

Chocolate Covered Nature’s Candy + Winterwoods Tea Giveaway

To enjoy, truly enjoy, a cup of tea is no small feat.

It is a feast for the senses:

The sound of the kettle boiling.

the color of fresh earth.

the rich but simple smell

the hot mug against thirsty lips

and the taste warm and filling.

Tea time is easier said than done, particularly parents with young children or people with a full plate of work and activities. But I think it’s just as important, maybe more so, to teach our children and ourselves to enjoy life. To savor it. And drinking tea is just that… an invitation to savor life.

Today, I invite you to create an afternoon teatime where you may enjoy life’s little pleasures. Include your peoples (young or old), or if you must, set aside quiet time where you can sit and sip.

For a treat to go with your delicious tea, here is a naturally rich delicacy – we call it Nature’s Candy. Take caramel-like dates and stick in a crunchy brazil nut then dip in chocolate; this creates an alternative to candy bars. It brings teatime to a whole new level! No processed sugar needed here. One of my favorite treats is a brazil nut or almond butter tucked inside a medjool date. It satisfies my sweet tooth. And this dipping in chocolate takes it to a whole new level. Enjoy my sweet readers!

It is particularly enjoyable with a cup of Inland Grey from Winterwoods Tea Company, a tea company in Spokane, Washington. The bergamot from Inland Grey adds a refreshing note to the richness of the dates. They compliment each other well. Winterwoods Tea Company has even sponsored a giveaway of their Inland Grey tea! Find @apothecarymary on instagram for all the details!

Chocolate Covered Dates with Brazil Nuts:

A dozen medjool dates

A dozen Brazil nuts

½ cup chocolate chips or your favorite chocolate

1 TB extra virgin coconut oil

  1. Line a tray with parchment paper.
  2. With a paring knife, make a slice the length of the medjool date.
  3. Pop out the pit. Replace with a brazil nut (one can gently fold the date back over the nut almost like sealing it in).
  4. Heat a double boiler ( I use a pot with water in bottom and bowl that sits on top of the pot – making sure the water doesn’t touch bottom of bowl) over medium high heat.
  5. In the top, add the chocolate chips and TB coconut oil. Stir until melted (once water underneath boils, turn it down to medium low heat).
  6. With a fork or spaghetti spoon dip the dates into the chocolate. Set on tray then put in freezer until set. I kept my dates in the freezer until we were ready to eat them.

FOR A QUICK TREAT: Drizzle melted chocolate on a plate of these bad boys then stick in the freezer! I was in a pinch last week and this made a quick treat for a holiday party!

Enjoy your teatime! And don’t forget to find @apothecarymary on instagram to win a bag of this amazing tea!

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  • You truly are an artist Mary! I am sitting here in bed and after reading I had the gumption to go make some tea because this post motivated me!!
    Natures candy is the best too. Keep sharing your gifts! WEre all better for it<3

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